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solar LED snowfall light    
     Solar Charging Meteor Light String
     Product material: Transparent acrylic and ABS material
     Application places: Widely used in bars, hotel lobby, garden, square, pedestrian street, courtyard, dance halls, parks, roads, staircases, gardens, used in construction, store, hair salon, Christmas trees, wedding etc, easy to install.
     Meteor light: 10 tubes per set, tube size:12*12mm*350mm, 36leds per tube, 5 colors/set, include red, green, blue, white, yellow.
     Polycrystalline solar panel: 5V 2W
     Energy storage lithium battery: 18650#,3.7V 2200mAh
     Discharge time: Normally work 12 hours after fully charged.
     Length of wires: Wire length between solar panel and meteor tube is 5meters, distance between each two tubes is 80mm.
     Installation Operation: 1.When using for the first time, peel off the protective film on the solar panel. 2.Connect the meteor light plug with solar panel, please be noted that the solar panel should be installed higher than meteor light. 3.Find the place you want to set the lamp, solar panel must installed in the place where it may have the largest quantity of direct sunlight. Mustní»t installed in the place without sunlight. 4.Turn on the light by pressing the switch (ON/OFF)-- (Verify the light is in í░ONí▒ condition by covering an un-transparent paper on the surface of solar panel, if the lamp light up, then ití»s already turned on.)Before using it for the first time, put the solar panel under the direct sunlight for 5-6 hrs to recharge. 5.If the ratio light decline from 100 to 10 lux, the sensor will indentified the circumstance as (night), the light will turn on automatically. Otherwise, it will indentified as day, the light will turn off automatically.
     MATTERS NEED TO PAY ATTENTION 1.Solar panel should be clean, wipe off the dust with duster cloth. 2.Choose a outdoor location where far away from street light or other outdoor light source. Or it may result in the product can not automatically light up during night. 3.Working time depends on the amount of sunlight, geographical location, weather condition, etc. Keep the solar panel away from the shadow of the house or tree, etc. 4.If the light can not light up after 1-1.5 years, please replace the recharge battery, cause the battery may weaken or breakdown. Replacement of equivalent battery is recommended.( 3.7v battery 18650 2200 mah, lithium battery) 5.Be careful when replace the battery. Open the battery cover, replace the old battery with a new one. The battery must be correct recycling or disposal, or it may result in fire or garbage. Please contact your city/urban recycling center to acknowledge how to handle the battery correctly.