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Heart lock    
     Heart lock¡¤Accompanying lamp
     multipurpose,lasting,portability,inseparable with you
     6 warm heart strengths
     heart shaped portable design
     a variety of ways to use
     led eye protection
     touch switch 3 grades dimming
     high quality craftwork
     built in super lithium battery
     Companied with heart lock,
     happy readily available
     USB mobile charging, every wonderful moment,sweet no power off
     1.Minimalism Aesthetics of design
     Design inspiration comes from the heart,designers continue to the aesthetic principle of simple fashion to the LED lamp,add a feeling of love to reading and learning!
     Weight of heart lock is only 250g,light and portable, would like to take it out becuase of no burden. Heart lock is little and dainty,likes a walkman,put it in your bag, does not occupy a space.
     2.Variety of arbitrary shape Follow your bent
     Optional adjustment, can be raised can be linked can be vertical, all - round without dead lighting
     3.LED energy-saving,No flicker,eyes protection
     LED long service life
     can be used for 10 years fully to let change the light bulbs to become a miracle
     a heart lock lamp is equal to
     8pcs energy saving lamp life, 50pcs incandescent lamp life
     4.Touch switch Xpress switch
     Touch inductive switch,
     3 grades brightness switch
     Touch inductive switch,
     3 grades brightness switch
     5.High quality process Pleasant appearance
     Heart lock lamp shell material is environment friendly PP plastic, the shell surface is treated by special process, Nano textured, anti grease anti fingerprint, hand feel and drape
     6.Environment friendly lithium battery High efficiency charging
     Adopt lithium battery, Once full of electricity(Charging can be filled within 2 hours )
     The most bright grade can be lit for 6 hours continuously
     The most dark grade can be lit for 30 hours continuously
     Product model:1STNO-XS001 1STNO-XS002
     1STNO-XS003 1STNO-XS004
     Rated voltage:DC 5V 500MA
     Power rating:3.5W
     Light power:2W LED
     Product material:Environment friendly PP,electronic components
     Battery capacity:500MA lithium battery
     Packing measurement:146X65X210MM
     Product color:Green,pink
     Product standard configuration:reading lampX1¡¢USB charging lineX1
     Product quality control:Pass