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wifi sunset lamp    
     About this item
     ✔ [Easily Control Your Lights]With the 16.7 Million RGB color mode, freely adjust the value or choose the color you like in the APP, or pick the color by importing the picture in the mobile phone. Turn lights on or off, adjust their brightness and temperature. You can freeze your favorite colors create a relaxed, romantic and different colorful atmosphere.
     ✔ [Personalize With Automations]Smart APP allows you to take full control of the Sunset Lamp. Unlimited color options with an RGB dial, ability to control the rotation brightness, 12 Multi-strobe modes, sync it to your music and so much more. The sunset light also has a timer function with the app, you can set it in advance according to your sleep time, it will automatically turn on when you wake up, and turn off when you sleep.
     ✔ [Remote Control & Flexible Rotation]Plus, you can freely control the sunset projector lamp by the smart remote. The sunset projection lamp designed for color projector lighting applications. It provides ultra-high color quality of CRI and extensive brightness over a wide range of mounting angles. With the rotatable design, 0°„---180°„are changeable through simple rotation. Features with a USB cable, and super simple On/Off button.
     ✔ [Romantic Visual Experience]Shoot stunning images and illuminate your videos with our sunset projection lamp. The sunset projection lamp offers you infinite ways to shape light and create outstanding content. Bring happiness to family and children. If you are dreaming of having a romantic modern home, this sunset lamp is a must-have.
     ✔ [Simple To Use]Produce professional portraits and product images using our sunset projection lamp. Create a special atmosphere and let your creativity speak by sunset color temperatures. This can be done in just one click (toggle key). Ideal for vlog, video interviews or portrait photography. Perfectly for your living room, dining room, bedroom, guest room, or office.
     Led Sunset Lamp Projector, APP Control Multicolor USB Warm Romantic Visual Decor supplier
     Style ‎Decoration
     Brand ‎1st tech
     Color ‎Multicolor
     Product Dimensions 21.5*14.5*4cm
     Special Feature ‎Sunset color temperatures
     Light Source Type ‎LED
     Finish Type ‎Complete with quality metal finishes
     Material ‎Aluminum
     Lamp Type ‎Light Emitting Diode
     Shade Material ‎Metal
     Base Material ‎Large base and a non-slip bottom
     Power Source ‎Corded Electric
     Switch Style ‎Remote
     Manufacturer 1st tech
     Item Weight ‎279g
     Specific Uses ‎Audiovisual/projector
     Special Features ‎Sunset color temperatures
     Light Direction ‎Adjustable